Sale Stats:
64 live lots averaged $3,470
12 embryo packages averaged $700

High Sellers
Lot 5: Jenlar ACC R What's Up ETV | $12,300
-Consigned by Knapp Genetics, IA
-Purchased by Ron Kelm, WI

Lot 24: Double W Kade Maiden NP | $11,750
-Consigned by Josh Jones, KY
-Purchased by Brent Moyerm MI

Lot 3: Jenlar Rasta Wow ETV | $10,000
-Consigned by Jesse Muse, KY
-Purchased by Long Lane Farm, IN

Lot 1 - Edge View K Dance ETV
Show results: First Winter Calf

Lot 2 - Cutting Edge C Daylily ETV
Show results: Fourth Summer Yearling

Lot 3 - Jenlar Rasta Wow ETV
*serviced March 29 to Jennings Gap Timeout
Show results: First Fall Yearling, Reserve Junior Champion

Lot 4 - Jenlar Cliff Walker ETV

Lot 5 - Jenlar ACC R What's Up ETV
*Last test: 78 pounds, 19,000 SCC, 4.4% fat, 3.5% protein
Fresh December 20, 2023, serviced March 27 to sexed Cutting Edge Stretch
Show results: First Senior Two and Reserve Grand Champion

Lot 6 - Brothers Three Dx Wild One ETV

Lot 7 - Top Acres Tank Wendy
Show results: Fourth Winter Calf

Lot 8 - Groves View DB Wildchild ET
Show results: First Spring Yearling

Lot 9 - Buckmeadow to Walkoff ET
Show results: First Fall Calf, Junior Champion

Lot 10 - Fairdale Rasta Wildling ETV
Show results: Second Summer Yearling

Lot 11 - Fairdale Cadence Waffle ETV
Show results: First Unfresh Senior Two

Lot 12 - Round Hill Diego Windsor ETV
*Genomic Results: 1.58 UDC, PTAT 1.00
Show results: First Unfresh Senior Two

Lot 13 - Brittcos Rich Birthday Wish
Show results: First Junior Two

Lot 14 - Apex Designed to Win ETV
Show results: Fifth Winter Calf

Lot 15 - Blessing Garbro F Paulette
*Dam two year old record: 2-09 365d 2X 28,714# 4.8%f 1374#, 3.9% 1105#
Show results: Second Winter Yearling

Lot 16 - Hilltop Acres TM Kelly ET
Genomic Results: +877M +312NM$ PTAT+1.20 UDC+1.71 PPR+110
Show results: Third Winter Calf

Lot 17 - Edge View K Sophie ETV
Show results: Eleventh Fall Calf

Lot 18 - RDT Rampage Lolita

Lot 19 - Robland Ace Coll Barbie ET
Show results: Sixth Fall Calf

Lot 20 - Royal Hill FC Rox ET
Show results: Sixteenth Fall Calf

Lot 21 - Edge View C Rhinestone ETV
Show results: Second Fall Calf

Lot 22 - PENDING: Biver x Panda NP
Show results: Eighth Fall Calf

Lot 23 - Kruses Design Buggy
Show results: First Summer Yearling

Lot 24 - Double W Kade Maiden NP
Fresh January 10, 2024, first test 103.7#
Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion Ohio Spring Dairy Expo 2024
Show results: First Senior Three and Grand Champion

Lot 25 - Blessing CNJ Collaps Nan ETV
Show results: Fifteenth Fall Calf

Lot 26 - Fairdale Kickoff Nola
Show results: Seventh Fall Calf

Lot 27 - WF Diego Nalani ET
Show results: Thirteenth Fall Calf

Lot 28 - Thompsview Fame Night Cap ET
Show results: Tenth Winter Calf

Lot 29 - Picket Aces K Naples ETV
RIP on Dam 208D 18,993M +312NM$ PTAT+1.02 UDC+1.71 PPR+110
Show results: Ninth Winter Calf

Lot 30 - Rager Bros Dynamite Nugget
*Serviced March 30 to Jennings Gap Timeout
RIP 2-10 171D 16007M 4%F 633 3.7% 595
Show results: First Junior Three

Lot 31 - On Topp Angelo Natalia
Show results: Fourteenth Fall Calf

Lot 32 - Edge View C Funtime ETV
Show results: Fifth Summer Yearling

Lot 33 - K and K F Fortune ET
RIP on Dam 26737M 4.4%F 458, 3.2%P 321
Show results: Seventh Winter Calf

Lot 34 - R Hart Silver Lining ETV
RIP 2-01 124D 10008M 4.5%F 458, 3.2% 321
Show results: Second Junior Three

Lot 35 - R Hart Lining Up Atlanta
Show results: Fourth Winter Calf

Lot 36 - R Hart Calvin 258 ETV
Fresh March 18, 2024, 78# first test
Show results: Third Junior Three

Lot 37 - Fairdale R Hart Rich Remi
Show results: Fifth Fall Calf

Lot 38 - R Hart K Kickoff Rita
Show results: Eighth Summer Yearling

Lot 39 - Knapp Double Star Cali ETV
Show results: Second Winter Calf

Lot 40 - Hilltop Acres BN Torrie
*Dam is #2 PPR cow in the breed
Genomic results: 765M +587NM$ PPR +156
Show results: Sixth Summer Yearling

Lot 41 - Horseshoe Hill Tinkerbell
*Pregnant - bred February 20 to Hilltop Acres Prince
Fresh November 18, 2023 3-0 43D 3954M 4.2%F 165#, 3.2%P 127#
Show results: Second Senior Three

Lot 42 - Edge View C Blake ETV
Show results: Second Senior Two

Lot 43 - MS Poolside Britney
Show results: Second Junior Two

Lot 44 - Hilltop Acres TO Kinsley
Show results: Third Fall Calf

Lot 45 - Xtreme Daredevil Elle
Show results: Third Summer Yearling

Lot 46 - La Rainbow Sweet Shay ET
Show results: Ninth Fall Calf

Lot 47 - Brittcos Dynamite Moose
Show results: Fifth Junior Two

Lot 48 - Fairdale Pacman Bristol
Show results:

Lot 49 - Fairdale Design Holly ETV
Show results: Eighth Winter Calf

Lot 50 - Cutting Edge J Kahlo ETV
Show results: Third Junior Two

Lot 51 - Double W H Dixie
Show results: First Winter Yearling

Lot 52 - Fairdale Kickoff Circe
Show results: Tenth Fall Calf

Lot 53 - PENDING: Divinity 2108 x Trek
Show results: Ninth Summer Yearling

Lot 54 - DSKM Nathan Vino
Show results: Sixth Winter Calf

Lot 55 - L Century Octagon Viper
Show results: Seventh Summer Yearling

Lot 56 - DSKM Nathan Axolotl
Show results: Twelfth Fall Calf

Lot 57 - L Century Speed Brisket
*Pregnant, bred January 21 to Double W Kade
Fresh November 1, 2023 1-10 121D 8635#M 277#F 264#P
Show results: Fourth Senior Two

Lot 58 - L Century Gamechngr Denver
*Pregnant, serviced February 29 to Hilltop Acres Nashville
Fresh September 17, 2023, 1-11 166D 10564#M 344#F 342#P
Show results: Third Senior Two

Lot 59 - Maiers Acres Speed Nellie NP
Show results: Fourth Junior Two

Lot 60 - Bittersweet Faust Maui Wowie
*Pregnant per catalog
Show results: Second Fall Yearling

Lot 61 - Fairdale Richard Jill
Show results: Tenth Summer Yearling

Lot 62 - Empire FC Lainey
Show results: Second Spring Yearling

Lot 63 - Edge View WF Tropical
Show results:

Lot 64 - Double W Dynamite Cotton
Show results: First Four Year Old

Lot 65 - Fairdale Porsche Nova
Show results: First Spring Calf

Lot 66 - Clearsprings Rosalie
Show results: Second Spring Calf

Lot 67 - IE SVP Allstar Stardust
Show results: First Aged Cow